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Men’s outerwear winter 2013

Among the models of fashionable men’s clothing winter 2013 is all coats, coats, coats, down jackets and jackets. To create an individual image designers suggest the use of fur, saturated color and geometric print.

Nicholas K, John Richmond, Martin Margiela, Versace

One of the trends of the season are mens winter jackets fur. which is used as basic material for lining. Particularly relevant fluffy fur that does not exclude short and cropped. Fashion natural and artificial color, including complex.

Burberry, Lanvin, Rick Owens, Moncler Gamme Bleu

Men’s down jacket 2013 is not only practical option for winter weather, but also a fashionable item collections Continue reading

Modern beach fashion

Summer is a wonderful time when we can show itself in all its glory. Hot time assumes the rest of the sea, the river or, in extreme cases, the pool. On the beach, as in everyday life, every girl wants to be the center of attention, so before relaxing on the water ostoic to refresh their knowledge about the latest trends of the season.

Of course, you simply cannot do without stylish swimsuit. In the collections of this season reigns variety of styles and colors. Again the shows appear single cut model which attracts everyone’s attention flashy accessories or bold cutouts. These models are perfectly hide all conceivable disadvantages. Colors can be solid and quiet, Continue reading

Trendy skirts 2012 – IMAGE and STYLE. Fashion. Secrets of fashion and style. Fashion Trends

The skirt is the most favourite and universal thing of the wardrobe of the modern woman. It is so comfortable and versatile that it is simply impossible to avoid his attention. Which models are popular this winter?

The most fashionable skirt this winter – it’s a long skirt, because it creates a stunningly feminine way, and well warmed. Especially interesting skirt in the style of the cowboys is mandatory abundance of leather parts, floor-length and adjoining silhouette.

And of course there were the current fashion without skirts of medium length. Remain popular classic styles. Do not go out of fashion a-line skirts, and straight skirts. The pleated skirts are not still relevant in the current season. Their very decorate coquette, various Continue reading

Men clothing knitwear

Men’s knitted things today are no less popular than the female. Every year fashion stylists pleased with the strong half of humanity with new models that show how you can correctly combine clothes made of such material between them. Despite the fact that Jersey for men is less expressive than women, the choice of such items is very large. Among them you can buy individual items basic, elegant clothes and various accessories.

The best part is that mens Jersey is an integral part of a completely different, sometimes even opposite styles.

Types of men’s knitwear

Among knitwear products that remain trendy from year to year. These include classic cardigan smooth knit with V-neck. Continue reading

Fashion for middle aged women – charms Mature style

Women who already forty years old, can’t afford to look gaudy. At the same time, do not dress in a way that clothing was screaming that her mistress is a woman of middle age. At any age you can look sexy and stylish, and fashion for forty years includes a special approach to the selection and combination of clothing that can be combined with current trends.

One of the most common fashion fears at this age – the fear to look molodyascheysya, but it’s just stereotypes that do not allow women to dress very stylish indeed. Of course, at that age, forget about the mini, short tops, nevertheless, you should not wear baggy shapeless Continue reading

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